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Things To Do For A 40th Class Reunion

Planning a class reunion takes time and effort. There are many decisions to make, including the choice of activities for the event. You want to choose activities that will get people talking and remembering, without bankrupting the reunion fund. The goal is to have everyone leave the reunion having recalled old memories and made new ones.

Bus Tour

If your reunion is planned in or near the town where your school is, arrange a bus tour that includes the high school and any other old hangouts that were popular when you graduated. If the reunion is a two-day event, schedule a daytime tour and make lunch reservations at a popular hometown diner. If the reunion is scheduled for a different location, plan a sightseeing tour around that area's popular attractions.

Karaoke Contest

Karaoke is an activity that almost everyone enjoys, whether they actually sing or just watch. The equipment is easy to set up, and it can be quite affordable to rent a portable karaoke machine, monitor and stand, speakers, microphone and stand, and music library. Make sure the song library contains songs that were popular when you were in high school. Add a note in the reunion registration packet encouraging classmates to bring their own karaoke discs to the event. Give out small prizes to everyone who sings.

Silent Auction

Transform your class reunion into a charity reunion by holding a silent auction. Before the event, ask classmates to vote for a charity to benefit from the auction. Contact local businesses to ask for auction item donations. (Many will be accommodating, due to the free publicity they'll receive.) Give these businesses the option of making a cash donation to the charity, instead of donating an item. Print and send out auction item description sheets, or put up a simple website, in advance, so reunion attendees can decide what items they want.

Memorial Table

A memorial table is a wonderful way to remember and pay tribute to classmates who have died. Decorate a table (or tables) with flowers and candles. Display a picture and a few facts about each individual. Set aside a few minutes after dinner for attendees to remember and share memories about these classmates. You also can solicit donations to purchase a memory plaque to display at the high school, the park or other public place.

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