Monday, February 24, 2014


CitiFinancial is a banking institution that has numerous financing options open to potential customers, including personal loans. Personal loans can help pay for unexpected expenses, such as medical bills, home or auto repairs and moving expenses. To get a personal loan through CitiFinancial, you need to submit an application at either one of the bank's branches or online through its website.


1. Consider your eligibility for a CitiFinancial personal loan. Prior to applying, you should look over the bank's eligibility restrictions. CitiFinancial requires that personal loan applicants must be over the age of 18 and be employed. You will also need to show that you have established credit; a store or gas credit card, at the very least.

2. Apply for the personal loan to pay for your personal expenses. You cannot get a CitiFinancial personal loan to finance business or mortgage expenses.

3. Log on the CitiFinancial website to access the online personal loan application form. Select a desired loan amount and provide your financial data to the institution. Your Social Security number, employment history, salary and mortgage information must all be included to process your personal loan application.

4. Provide details for your co-applicant. If you are having a cosigner for your CitiFinancial personal loan, they need to provide their name, Social Security number, employer contact information and gross annual income.

5. Receive a confirmation within five minutes if you apply online. Your data will be transferred to a local account manager to make arrangements to finalize the loan and inform you of when the monies will be distributed.

Tips Warnings

You cannot apply for more than a $10,000 personal loan online. Higher amounts must be handled through a CitiFinancial branch location.

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