Saturday, February 22, 2014

Troubleshooting Carrier Furnaces

Even the most respected furnace brands don't act the way you would like from time to time. Carrier furnaces have a strong reputation in the industry, but that doesn't preclude them from having problems. The company makes it easy for you to call and request service or advice if you need it, but there are also some basic troubleshooting tips you can try to get your Carrier furnace up and running again.


1. Set the thermostat in the heat position if it is not already set there.

2. Move the temperature setting on the thermostat so that it is higher than the indoor temperature showing on the thermostat. Your heating system needs to know you want it hotter than the indoor temperature in order to provide heat.

3. Turn the fan to on using the switch located on the thermostat. This will let you know if there is power going to the furnace.

4. Check the circuit breakers on the electrical panel to make sure they are set to on.

5. Turn the SSU switch to the on position. It resembles a light switch and is located on a gray box on the furnace.

6. Pull out the furnace filter and inspect it. If it is dirty, replace with a new one. One-inch filters are to be replaced monthly, while two-inch and other high capacity pleated filters should be replaced every other month.

7. Inspect all of the return air grilles in the house to make sure they are not being blocked by furniture. They should be located on walls and are wide and flat. Check the supply air registers to see if they are open and are blowing air.

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