Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Funeral Gifts Besides Flowers

Food baskets are a good choice for a funeral gift.

Flowers are a common gift to give a deceased person's family. If someone you know has passed away recently and you want to give her family a funeral gift other than flowers, several options are available to you. Regardless of the amount of money you have to spend on a gift, you can find a good funeral gift that fits your budget.


A poem is often a good way to express how you felt about the deceased person. In addition, you can write a poem directed toward the deceased individual's family. Place the poem in a picture frame to preserve the document.

Food Gifts

After a loved one dies, the family has a great deal of arrangements to take care of. Give the family of the deceased person a food gift to help ease the stress of cooking. Baskets that contain fruit and vegetables are available in addition to cheese, meat and cracker baskets. You can also drop a meal off by the family's home, such as a pizza or a chicken dinner from a restaurant, or you can prepare a meal yourself.

Charitable Donation

If the deceased person was fond of a particular charity, offer a donation in his name. This gift shows the deceased individual's family that you were aware of his interests and want to keep his memory alive through a donation. In addition, if the deceased person suffered from a condition such as cancer or diabetes, donate to charitable organizations that support the cause.

Money Gifts

Funerals are expensive, and the cost can be devastating on the deceased person's family. Offer the family a monetary gift and a card if you know that they need financial assistance. You don't have to gift the family a large portion of your savings, but every little bit helps. Furthermore, gift cards to places such as grocery stores and restaurants are also a good funeral gift.

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