Tuesday, June 22, 2010

About Panel Fences

About Panel Fences

Panel fences will give your yard privacy, security and curb appeal. They are easy to self-install, and come in a large variety of styles and materials. Panel fences also add to the value of your property and make it more desirable to potential buyers. Does this Spark an idea?


Solid and shadow-box-style fences come in wood or vinyl, with panels that are 6 feet high. They afford the most privacy, and are used to enclose backyards.

The spaced picket fence comes in wood or vinyl, with panels that are 4 feet high and are more suitable for the front of the house.

Metal panel fences are made of wrought iron. They are purely decorative, and are used in the front of the house--usually with matching handrails on the stoop.


Wood and vinyl panel fences are easy to install. Wood is more traditional and costs less than vinyl. But it needs to be painted regularly, and it can split and splinter, making repairs necessary. Vinyl costs more out of pocket, but there is no additional maintenance or painting expense. The shadow-box style fence has a special feature: It looks the same on both sides, so you and your neighbor each have the same view.

Wrought iron needs to be installed by a professional. It is purely decorative, and gives the property a formal feeling. The panels have decorative motifs and are open instead of closed.


The fencing industry is keeping up with the times. Eco-friendly materials like bamboo are becoming more popular. The shadow-box style evolved because only one side of the traditional fence had decorative features, while the other side showed the framework. That approach will be taken further in the future, as well.


It is wise to tell your neighbors about your plans to put up a fence. They may take the idea the wrong way and consider it a "spite fence." Find out the local regulations regarding the height of a fence and its distance from the curb or sidewalk.


The 4-foot high fences come with either pointed or rounded tops. If children are around, think safety and pick the rounded tops. The splitting and cracking that can occur with wood can cause harm to children or pets. Make sure that wood fencing is repaired right away. You may need to apply for a permit.. And most important, check with your local utility companies to make sure there are no electric or gas lines running right where you need to dig.

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