Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rustic Bench Styles

Wrought iron is common in a variety of rustic benches.

Rustic benches are found in all of the casual design styles, such as those for French Country or log cabin designs. Depending on the style's origin, they are fashioned from iron, rustic woods or fine hardwoods with artisan-created imperfections or a combination of all of these materials. Some of the rustic bench design styles include intricate carvings, painted motifs or leather covered bench seats. Does this Spark an idea?

French Country Rustic Bench Style

Benches with a French Country rustic style have a rustic but still elegant feel. They are typically constructed of distressed dark woods but you can also find lightly whitewashed benches where the natural wood grain shows through the light paint. A rustic bench in the French Country design style could also include wrought iron decorations or sides.

Tuscan Rustic Bench Style

Tuscan rustic bench styles are designed to give your home a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. Benches with a Tuscan design style typically feature rustic distressed woods combined with iron legs or iron decoration, but you can also find a rustic Tuscan design bench made from dark woods with a painted or inlaid grape motifs. Some even include plush leather upholstery for comfort.

Mediterranean or Spanish Modern Rustic Bench Style

Rustic Mediterranean or Spanish modern bench styles range from functional to formal. Benches in this rustic style are constructed of dark woods with ornately hand-turned legs. They have hardware that is heavy and burnished for a rustic but formal feel or wrought iron combined with distressed or reclaimed wood for a more rustic but functional feel.

Spanish Hacienda Rustic Bench Style

Rustic benches with distinctively Spanish hacienda style are constructed from iron, rustic woods or dark hand-carved fine hardwoods. They often include inlaid accents of copper, iron or tile to support the Spanish casual living style or to create a more ornate feel.

Log Cabin Rustic Bench Style

The log cabin furniture design style features benches constructed from cut pine, maple or aspen tree limbs or logs, but it also encompasses benches constructed from distressed or reclaimed wood with antler or intricately forge iron legs or backs. Log cabin styled benches add a prairie feel to your home.

Western Rustic Bench Style

Western rustic bench styles combine a variety of materials to give the benches a simple natural feel. By combining the twists and turns of natural woods and found leg and arm pieces, like wagon wheels or antlers, a rustic Western style bench gives you a rustic organic feel for your home decor.

Mexican Rustic Bench Style

Mexican rustic benches have a soulful nature and are rich in character. Benches with a Mexican flair are constructed from beautiful locally harvested woods, such as mesquite, Mexican cypress, pine, Spanish cedar or parota, and feature chip carving. Mesquite benches are tremendously strong and they naturally repel insects, making them perfect for long-term outdoor use. But if you are looking for a colorful rustic bench style you should select one of the Mexican style pine benches that feature colorfully painted scenes on their backs and sides.

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