Friday, June 18, 2010

What Is A Nesting Table

Nesting tables stack on top of one another until needed.

Nesting tables are versatile, small stacking tables. They come in sets of two or three and slide or stack on top of one another for space-saving storage when not in use. Resting on its own legs, the tabletops don't touch each other when stacked. A variety of styles, colors and designs make these multifunctional tables ideal for any room or decor. Does this Spark an idea?


The quartetto table was the forerunner of the modern nesting tables. Thomas Sheraton, an English furniture designer, created the quartetto table during the 18th century. It was comprised of four stacking tables that graduated in size. They stored compactly together in a room until needed for needlepoint or checkers. Today a set of nesting tables is composed of two or three stacking tables.


Nesting tables commonly feature a square or rectangular design and are made of wood. Glass, slate and metal tabletops with wrought iron or brass legs have expanded the nesting table repertoire. One-piece clear acrylic stacking tables are ultra modern, lightweight and scratch-proof. Table tops crafted from recycled railroad ties depict one-of-a-kind nesting tables with no two sets being alike. Hidden drawers and bottom shelves are useful features added to some nesting tables.


Tabletops crafted from cherry, oak or walnut with turned legs and rounded corners blend seamlessly with traditional decor. Rustic distressed wood nesting tables in pine or oak complement the lodge or log cabin style. Tables with straight lines and angled corners in black, merlot or brunette enhance the contemporary ambiance in a room. A Southwestern decor would appreciate reddish brown mission style tables.


Nesting tables give you additional space for drinks and snacks when entertaining. They're convenient, mobile and don't take up much storage space. Pull one out for a game of chess. Place one or more beside your bed for extra books or bedtime snacks. They're just the right size for a child to color, draw or build blocks on. Weatherproof nesting tables tucked away outdoors can be placed beside patio chairs or poolside to accommodate guests.

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