Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Easy Loft Diy

Easy Loft DIY

A loft is a fantastic way to utilize space that cannot otherwise be used. You can raise the bed in a small space to make room for a desk, seating space or even a play area. It is surprisingly easy to construct a loft bed that is safe enough for an adult, in just one afternoon. This is usually better for children due to the proximity to the ceiling.


Before you buy anything measure, measure and then measure again. There are plenty of ways to make this; the easiest way would be to use four-by-four posts for support and two-by-fours for the rails. You could either make slats out of two-by-fours to support the bed or use a solid piece of plywood. Large steel bolts, at least ½ inch, would be strong enough to hold the frame together. Always use a washer between the bolt and the wood so the bolt does not cut into the wood.


The design of the bed is up to you. The most basic design would be four supporting posts made from four-by-fours. The best way to attach the loft to the wall would be with long bolts attached to the studs. Once you have secured the frame to the wall, you can make the frame for the bed. The easiest way would be to make a rectangle with two-by-fours that run between the support posts. To support the bed, you can make slats of two-by-fours or just use a solid piece of plywood. Depending on the age of the person that will be using the bed you may need to make a railing. The ladder is a straightforward design with two-by-fours and dowels for the rungs.

Railing and Ladder

You can assemble the railing the same way that you would make a banister for a deck: one plank on the top with supporting posts every few inches, or two planks that run the length of the bed and three supporting posts spread evenly. If you are short on space and the user is physically able, you can create the ladder right up the side of the frame. In this case you would not require any dowels; instead, you can continue with the two-by-fours.

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