Monday, June 28, 2010

Butterfly Room Decorations

A butterfly room is very popular among girls for their bedrooms, but can be a great theme for a guest room, kitchen, bathroom or even a sun room. Different effects will suit each room and each decorator. You can make this themed décor as simple or as ornate as you wish. Does this Spark an idea?


Hanging a butterfly mobile is a quick way to give an airy flying effect to a butterfly room decoration theme. To make the room even more magical, create sheer draped fabric canopies over furniture or at windows, and decorate with wooden or metal butterflies. If you can paint the ceiling, add fluffy white clouds to a blue sky, or a sparkly moon and stars to a purple sky. Stamp, stencil or hand-paint butterflies dancing across the ceiling.


Choose a color scheme for painting. You may want a feminine, pastel color theme or a tropical, green butterfly house feeling. Dramatic purple and silver, warm earth tones, or relaxing pale blue and yellow are other possible butterfly color approaches. If you don't want to repaint, add butterflies to your walls with sponge stamps or pre-cut stencils. Vinyl wall clings add graphic impact, and can also be customized from some companies. See the Resources section for links. You also may want to simply add a butterfly-patterned wall border to your existing décor. If you are creating a butterfly garden look, try painting a garden fence along the walls, or attach real fencing to go above and beyond the usual.


If redoing the carpeting is an option, look for a plush coordinating color like lavender, sunshine yellow, or even royal blue or deep green. If it isn't, there are butterfly rugs available, either shaped like a butterfly or patterned with a butterfly design. For added depth and warmth to the room, layer butterfly area rugs on top of larger area rugs, perhaps with a decorative fringe or border. See the Resources section for rug ideas. On wood or tile floors, you can paint freehand butterflies or use craft stencils to create butterfly decorations, perhaps around the edges of the room or on every third tile.


Transforming a bed's headboard into a giant butterfly is a big project, but if you are handy with a jigsaw, it could be a great addition to a butterfly room. Draw the shape and size on light wood, cut out, sand and paint. You also can find commercially-made butterfly headboards, or remove a headboard and paint directly on the wall behind it. For a cheap addition to the room, try the classic butterfly chair; a canvas sling over a metal frame that is shaped like a set of wings. A colorful floral print fabric will be perfect to make it match the room. Or, turn to the garden for furniture inspiration. Use wicker or wrought iron chairs, and add matching cushions to them. If you cannot change your furniture, let it dictate the room. Modern, black, sleek furniture might be perfect in a lime green or retro red butterfly décor scheme, for instance.


Craft stores usually carry glittery tulle butterflies in many colors, with wire stems attached for twisting into decorations. These could adorn drawer handles, light pulls, chair backs and curtains. You also can buy larger versions of these as hanging decorations or knick-knacks to set on tables or shelves. Dress up a plain bulletin or whiteboard by painting the frame a matching color, like pink, and using butterfly magnets or stickpins to post notes. And, butterflies love flowers, so add in some painted, paper or vinyl flowers to your décor. Butterfly pillows, curtains and quilts will add softness and comfort to the room as well.

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