Friday, June 4, 2010

Craftsman Style Decorating Ideas

Large porches are often found on Craftsman-style homes.

Beginning in the latter half of the 19th century, the Craftsman style of decorating began in Britain as a reaction to the excesses that surrounded the Victorian era of decorating. This design philosophy highlights craftsmanship, focusing on handcrafted wood, glass and metal work. If you are looking to create a simplistic yet handsome look for your home, consider decorating in the Craftsman style. Does this Spark an idea?

Craftsman Color

Colors that are found in nature make up the palette for this design. Hunter green, soft blue, burgundy, mustard yellow, steel gray, brown and other earth-tone colors are often used in Craftsman-style homes. Use a combination of these hues throughout your home--on the wall, in the furnishings and in the decorative accents. The key to effectively creating a Craftsman-style home is to create a laid back and peaceful environment, and these colors lend themselves well to this idea.

Architectural Elements

Since the main theme of this design is handcrafted materials, it is only fitting that architectural details are prevalent. Give your ceilings the look of exposed beams by framing the corners with stained or natural wood 2x4s. Hang wood wainscoting or chair rails on the walls. If you have adjoining rooms--a living room and dining room, for example--separate them by installing floor-to-ceiling columns between the two spaces. Built-in shelving and cabinets add interest to the space as well as storage. Build a window seat around a living room or bedroom window. Even the floors can add architectural interest to these spaces as they are typically wide-planked slats of oak, maple, walnut or other hardwoods or tiled with slate.


Craftsman-style furniture is constructed of wood and characterized by clean lines. If decorative details are present, they are simple in nature. Leather is often used for the upholstery. In a kitchen or dining room, bring in an oversize wood table and surround it with chairs with slatted backs. In the living room, place a large wood coffee table in between straight-back leather chairs.


Accessories in a Craftsman-style home also generally are handcrafted and inspired by nature. Wrought iron lamp bases topped with decorative leaded glass bring interest and warmth to the space. Wrought iron decorations or carved wood pieces make interesting wall art. Bring color and comfort to the floors with woven rugs made of natural materials--jute, wool or cotton, for example. You can also place pillows and throw blankets made of these materials on chairs and couches. Sit pottery on wall shelves. If you have a fireplace, surround it with a large wooden mantle, and surround the hearth with slate tile or river rock.

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