Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bistrostyle Decorating

Create a hand-written menu for your bistro-style kitchen.

Bistro-style decor is known for its timeless beauty and charm. Most people create a bistro style in their kitchen to give it a sophisticated, faraway look. Bringing the look of France and Italy to your kitchen does not have to be a difficult task. With a few ideas and a creative imagination, you can create a bistro-style kitchen you will love and that your friends will envy. Does this Spark an idea?

Walls and Windows

Bistros usually have one bright color such as red or yellow, mixed with warm neutrals. Paint one wall red or yellow and paint all the other kitchen walls in a neutral color. Create a black-and-white tile backsplash. Awnings often adorn bistro windows. Create the same look in your kitchen by mounting two cafe rods together over a window to create a faux indoor awning. Use fabric and hot glue to create a scalloped edge on the awning. Another idea is to use a wrought-iron curtain rod with a neutral color curtain.


Accent the kitchen with dark wood cabinets and other woodwork, such as a kitchen island. Use bold-colored dishes, cups and serving items, both functionally and decoratively. A black-and-white checkered pattern is a popular accent for any bistro style. Use black-and-white checked hand towels, dishrags, rugs and aprons. Keep up the bistro theme by making food accessible in the kitchen. For example, place a bowl of bread on the table or fruit in a basket on the counter.


Wrought-iron tables best reflect Italian- and French-style cafes. Bring comfort to the table by attaching seat cushion to all the seats. Another idea is to go with small round wood tables painted in shiny black paint and covered in checkered tablecloths. Wicker is another option for bistro-style seating. You can also find wicker and wrought tables and chairs, which are ideal for a bistro kitchen. Place one or two flowers in a wine or milk bottle to use as a centerpiece for the table.


Accessorize your kitchen with a variety of bright-colored appliances, such as an espresso machine, coffee grinder, standing mixer and food processor. Heavy-duty models are best, as those are what you would find in an authentic bistro. Feature a large chalkboard sitting on a pedestal with a hand-written menu. Alternatively, use the board for family communication. For French accessories, add topiaries, roosters and sunflowers around the kitchen. Use wrought-iron items such as pot racks, napkin holders and wine racks throughout the kitchen.

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