Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Installation Instructions For A Veranda 48inch Fence

Veranda privacy fence is a great way to set the boundary of your property. The pre-assembled 48-inch vinyl fence sections make short work of erecting the privacy panels. Veranda fencing is easy to clean and maintain. You simply wash it off. There are some things to consider as you install Veranda privacy fence. You must be able to install it precisely, or the vinyl fence sections may not fit properly during freezing and thawing periods of the year. If your property is hilly, you may want to hire a professional to get the grade work done properly. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Mark where you plan to dig your posts. Each post is set 6 feet on center. Use stakes and string to mark the fence line. Make sure the corners are square.

2. Dig the postholes with a power auger or posthole jobbers. The holes need to be deep enough to bury the posts below the freeze line in your part of the country. Make the holes at least 12 inches across and 6 inches deeper than necessary.

3. Put the 4-by-4-inch posts in place. Use a level to make sure they are plumb vertically. Fill the holes with 6 inches of gravel to allow drainage. Mix ready-mix concrete according to the package directions and put it in the hole. Tamp the air out of the concrete. Slope the concrete at ground level so water can run away from the post.

4. Set all the posts in this manner. Make sure the spacing is correct. Try to keep the tops of adjoining posts as level as possible. All the posts should be square with the string line you established. Slide the vinyl protectors over the fence posts to complete the post installation.

5. Attach the lower brackets to the bottom of the posts. Use stainless steel screws and brackets because they don't rust. Line up the brackets on facing posts to make sure they are level.

6. Set a section of Veranda privacy fence in the lower brackets. Slide the top bracket over the top of the panel and attach the top bracket to the post. Continue installing the fence sections until you complete the fence installation.

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