Thursday, June 17, 2010

Compare Removable Pool Fences

Removable pool fences are safety devices for pools that are difficult to fence, or pools where the owners want an extra degree of safety. People with small children or pets often install a removable pool fence to prevent drowning accidents. To compare removable pool fences, compare features that are important. Does this Spark an idea?


Look for composite fiberglass poles and durable mesh. Nylon or dacron mesh will deteriorate faster than a vinyl mesh. Aluminum poles bend easily.

Ease of Installation

Some fences can only be installed on certain pool decks. Removable fences need a solid surface deck. Note that safe installation is the only way to have a safe fence. For users doing a self-install, look for a product that requires a water-cooled drill. Those installed with hammer drills are not secure enough. Holes must be placed precisely, because removable fences are tension-based.

Ease of Use

It's necessary to open and close the removable pool fence often. Look for a fence that is easy to open and remove while still providing maximum safety.


Look for mesh that is as see-through as possible to add beauty and safety.


One of the most attractive features of removable pool fencing is that it is very difficult for a child to climb. The mesh has no footholds, so children are unable to climb. Look for gates without a solid bar across the top so that children can't grab on and pull them selves up. Look for heights of at least 48 inches. Look for a solid locking system that won't break or allow a child to open it.

Manufacturer Reputation

Look for a fence company with a history of good customer service. Choose one with good customer service response times, and 24-hour phone lines for installation or use questions. Look for warranties against deterioration and failure, and be sure the manufacturer, not the distributor, will be around long enough to back them up.

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