Friday, June 4, 2010

Faux Headboard Ideas

Some headboards are ornate and formal, while others are simple and understated.

A headboard stands behind the top (pillow side) of the bed. Some headboards are attached to the bed frame while other types are free-standing. Headboards aren't a structural necessity, but they add style and a finished look to any bedroom. Prices for headboards can be quite expensive; however, it is possible to create a faux headboard for much less than you might expect to pay at a furniture store. Does this Spark an idea?


Hang a decorative curtain rod on the wall above the mattress. Choose a rod that has a length about as wide as the mattress. Hang a curtain panel from the rod to create a soft-looking faux headboard.


If you plan to stay in your current location for a while, paint a faux headboard on the wall behind the bed. Paint the faux headboard in the visible area only; or extend it below the level of the mattress to give the illusion that the headboard is longer. Use an interior wall paint. Create any shape or color you want. You may want to a use a ruler or guide to ensure that your headboard is uniformly shaped.


Cut a piece of fabric in the desired shape of your headboard. Choose fabric in a pattern and color you like, that enhances the decor of your bedroom. Tape the fabric to the wall to hold it in place, and then nail or screw it into the wall to secure it permanently. Remove the tape.

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