Monday, June 21, 2010

Make A Halloween Fence

Hang faux spider web and spiders on your Halloween fence to give guests a fright.

Crafting a worn looking Halloween fence and decorating it provides a rewarding experience for you -- and your guests will certainly appreciate your efforts. Once your fence is completed, decorate it with swaths of faux spider webs with large, scary spiders scattered across them, or hang a series of jack-o-lantern decorations in various places on it. On average, it should only take about an afternoon to complete a 3-foot length of Halloween fence. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Measure 36 inches from the bottom of two of the fence pickets and make a pencil mark. Using a circular saw, cut the two pickets at the mark, leaving you with four pieces of fence pickets that are 36 inches long.

2. Make a mark at 36 inches and 42 inches on the other two fence pickets, measuring from the bottom of the wood. Estimate and mark the center of the fence picket at the 42-inch mark. With a ruler, draw a straight line between the center of the 42-inch mark and both edges of the 36-inch mark, making a triangle shape.

3. Using the circular saw, cut the two fence pickets at the 42-inch mark. The resulting scraps should measure approximately 30 inches. Put them to the side with the other pieces. Cut the remaining pieces on the triangle outline to create two pointed fence pickets.

4. Place two of the 36-inch pieces of fence on a large work table, spaced about 24 inches apart. These are the crossbars of your fence, and all of the pickets will attach to it.

5. Lay the two pointed pickets on top of the crossbars. Put one at each end, leaving enough space for another picket on either side of them. With the drill, screw the tops and the bottoms of the pointed pickets to the crossbars.

6. Arrange the other four pickets over the crossbars, tilting them in various directions. Make sure none of them go below the 36-inch mark that can still be seen on the pointed pickets. Screw each of the pickets to the upper and lower crossbars.

7. Spray black paint on the fence panel in a quick manner, just leaving enough paint to make the fence appear dirty. Do not apply a full coat of paint to the fence.

8. Install your Halloween fence by removing the two pointed pickets from the panel and hammering them into the ground until they reach the 36-inch mark. Put the fence panel back into place and secure it to the pointed pickets.

9. Decorate the fence with faux spider webbing, adding creepy fake spiders to complete the look.

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