Friday, November 25, 2011

About Ethniceclectic Style

Ethnic eclectic style is chic, functional way to show your personality. It is a perfect style for those who travel often, as well as for those who like to hit the local flea markets and thrift stores. There are many ways to create this environment. The price of creating it also varies greatly. Use bold lines and exotic artifacts and elements from foreign lands and distant times to create this style. Does this Spark an idea?


Ethnic eclectic style can be easy once you know what to look for. Generally, the main palette is subtle and neutral. A warm beige or an off-white is aclassic way to set the tone for a ethnic eclectic style. Bold, contemporary or modern pieces of furniture, such as a couch or lounge chair, is another element to this design aesthetic. The furniture can be dark with bold colors such as black, dark brown or red. A large modern leather couch and loveseat is perfect. Then add the ethnic elements, such as African masks, small hand carved tiki sculptures, handmade bongo drums, rice paper or bamboo.


The functionality of this design aesthetic is actually quite comfortable and practical. It is a clean, noncluttered design, but it also has personality and comfort because of the handmade and natural textures and elements. It is also very easy to rearrange and change if you get bored. Because the base of the design is so simple, moving around the details can change the look easily.


Some possible features that can be used to create the ethnic details include, but are not limited to, African masks, Mexican blankets, Oriental rugs, animal prints, hand painted small furniture, hand crafted instruments, Asian sculptures, bamboo texture, rice paper window treatments, ethnic mosaics, globes, antique maps and European textiles.


There are many benefits to the ethnic eclectic style. It's an easy style to create and it shows your personality. The design is very versatile if you get bored. You easily can change it up anyway you like, however many times you need to. Ethnic eclectic style is also very easy to achieve without having to spend a fortune. A few bold pieces are coupled with items that you can easily find at flea markets, thrift stores and antique shops.


It is very easy to over clutter. The design aesthetic is the clean, uncluttered look. Once a room becomes cluttered, it is no longer ethnic eclectic.

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