Friday, November 11, 2011

Paint A Rod Iron Fence

Having a iron fence around your property can help keep in animals and keep out intruders, plus, they tend to last longer than their wooden counterparts. However, painting an iron fence is different than painting a wooden model because you have prep the metal properly before painting so that the paint will stick. Otherwise, all your work is for naught. It's not a difficult process, but depending on the size of your fence, it can take some time. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Run the red scuffing pad down the surface of the iron fence. You want to scuff all of the old paint off the surface, as well as prep the underlaying metal for the new layer of paint. Scuff the fence until there is no shine on it at all and you can see the scratches.

2. Spray the cleaner/degreaser spray on the metal and wipe it off using the paper towels. This will ensure that there are no contaminants left behind on the metal, and ensure that the paint will be able to stick to the metal.

3. Spray the rust-resistant spray paint onto the metal fence, holding the can about 6 inches from the fence. Do the first coat as a light misting, enough to coat the fence but not enough to provide proper coverage.

4. Allow the first coat to dry about 10 minutes, then spray a second coat of paint onto the fence, this time a bit heavier and slower. This is going to cover the iron fully. If necessary or if there are light spots in the paint, spray a third coat after the second coat has dried for about 10 minutes.

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