Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Canopy Bedroom Ideas

Gone are the days when a canopy bedroom meant an all-princess theme for a little girl's room. These days, canopy bedrooms may be funky, bohemian or the haven of a world traveler. Canopies can add color, texture and an exotic quality to an otherwise plain-Jane bedroom. Use canopies as a focal point to define the room's theme or as part of a larger décor concept. Does this Spark an idea?

Shabby Chic Canopy Bedroom

Evoke the homey, warm look of shabby chic décor with a wrought-iron bed frame painted antique white or a cheerful periwinkle blue. You can distress the paint job, sanding away at the final coat of paint to allow the underlying colors or iron to show through, which gives the bed frame a timeworn quality. If the frame is a canopy style you can just drape fabric on it. Look for pale pastels or faded florals and paisleys. If the frame is not canopy-style, create your own frame by suspending three curtain rods from the ceiling---one at the head of the bed, the next at the midpoint and the final at the foot. Then, drape the fabric over the rods. Add vintage furniture painted antique white, icy pink, pale lavender or faded green for the final effects.

Bohemian Modern Canopy Bedroom

The "bomo" look is about creating an artsy, eclectic feel, and a canopy adds bohemian decadence to this style of bedroom. Try the floating canopy style for an evocative update on the look. Begin with a basic bed frame, and if it doesn't have a headboard you can paint a faux version on the wall or use a wall decal in an abstract design.

Create the canopy look by setting four eye hooks in the ceiling, one above each corner of the bed. String fishing line between the eye hooks to create an invisible frame around the bed. Use lightweight, sheer fabric and drape it over the fishing line frame. The fabric can float over the bed or it can billow down. Accent the look with large, unframed paintings leaning against walls and a low ottoman surrounded by floor cushions in bright, contrasting patterns.

International Canopy Bedroom

Bring an international flair to your bedroom by integrating elements from around the world into your space. Your bed frame could be a simple Japanese low platform variety or a rustic Mexican wooden frame accented with wrought iron or glass ornaments.

The canopy portion of the bed is easy to install. Use a mosquito net suspended from a hook over the center of the bed. These days mosquito are available in a variety of colors, sizes and fabrics, so you can go with traditional white or off-white or try something a little more elaborate, such as Indian-inspired panels with tassels and beads. Extend the look with throw pillows covered in Indian sari fabric or an engraved Moroccan coffee table. Chinese paper lanterns make bright light fixtures, while Mexican saint candles add mood lighting.

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