Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Design Ideas For A Queen Size Bed

A four poster bed brings a romantic touch to your room.

A queen size bed becomes the focal point of your bedroom with the right design; and the right design is the one that gives you joy. Examine different types of bed designs and styles until you discover the one you can't live without. As you spend about a third of your day in bed, pick a design that suits your style. Does this Spark an idea?

Four Poster

A four poster bed can give a romantic feel to a room, or possibly a masculine one, depending on the design you choose. Drape the bed with sheer curtains on the railings and tie them back for a romantic design, while a masculine design might receive no treatment at all on the railings, or a box curtain arrangement. Some four poster beds come with canopies that may be composed of wood railings placed over the top, with or canopies made of fabric.


Upholstered headboards come in a variety of designs and materials. Some designs may go straight across, while others resemble a camel hump or a crown. Materials may be woven--such as a leather design--or be a solid piece of fabric with a design, such as a damask or stripe. Some upholstered headboards contain tufts. Tufts are small pockets of fabric--usually in a diamond shape with buttons inside--that are tied back into the headboard.


Reminiscent of the waterbed design, a platform raises the bed above the ground and is normally composed of wood. Rather than a placing the bed into a metal frame, the bed sits above pieces of wood. This design may include drawers below to store items--such as clothing or seasonal items--or a shelving unit in the headboard. Some modern designs give the platform bed a floating appearance.


Many diverse materials can make up a headboard and footboard. Metallic wrought-iron frames work well with a queen bed as does a woven bamboo design. Reclaimed objects--such as doors, screens or windows--can be attached to walls or simply placed against the wall for a headboard design. Wood can be stained a new color, painted to match your existing d cor, or even upholstered for a new look. And if there are budgetary concerns, you can hang a piece of fabric on the wall and frame it with wood trim to give the appearance of a headboard.

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