Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Decorate With An Old Wrought Iron Fence In The House

A wrought iron fence panel makes a clever headboard.

Decorative metal fencing, whether made with true wrought iron or more modern steel, has a characteristic ornamental quality that transfers easily to an indoor setting. Wrought iron is equally at home in a variety of styles, from shabby chic and cottage to rustic decor. Use a gate or a single panel of fencing to create an accent in your home design. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Clean the metal with soap and water. Remove any rust with a stiff wire brush or coarse sandpaper. If there is paint on the metal, sand it for refinishing or remove it completely with a chemical paint stripper. Brush or spray the paint stripper onto the metal and wait for the amount of time indicated by the directions on the label. Remove the loosened paint from the fence with a metal scraper. Use a copper scouring pad to remove paint from small corners and crevices.

2. Leave the fence bare for a rustic look. If you choose to paint it, use primer and paint containing rust inhibitor. Glossy black paint adds to an modern urban loft, while white paint fits right in with cottage decor. Achieve a shabby chic effect by selectively removing bits of paint from corners and edges with sandpaper.

3. Prop the fence behind your bed to form a headboard. Attach the fence to the wall using U-brackets for added stability. Drill a starter hole into the stud in the wall and slip the U-bracket over the edge of the fence. Line the holes of the bracket up with the hole in the wall and run screws through all three holes, screwing them tightly into the wall with a screwdriver. Repeat on the other side of the fence. A narrow gate or section of fence might fit a twin-size bed, while a longer fence panel works well for a double bed or along the side of a daybed.

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