Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hardware To Make A Rustic Door

If you are building your home or are altering your home's interior design to match a rustic style, you will want to make the same alterations to the doors inside your home. There are quite of a number of rustic options for hardware and for door finishes that will assist you with achieving your rustic design. Does this Spark an idea?

Door Selection and Finishing

Your first decision when creating a rustic motif is the wood and finish for your door. If this is not in a "rustic" style, your hardware selection will be relatively irrelevant and will not match. According to Homesteadtimbers.com, you should purchase doors made from a knotty wood pine (See References). If you select another type of wood, make sure that the wood has the grain exposed and appears to have extensive wear. This will give you an authentic rustic look. Make sure your doors all have a similar rustic look throughout the home. Preferably, your door will have a clear, low gloss (no shine) finishing, or will have no finishing at all.

Hinges and Handles

The handles of your door come in variety of shapes and looks. Wildwesthardware.com provides a large selection of rustic door handles (See References). You should keep in mind an overall theme for your rustic door. If you decide to use a wrought iron handle, make sure that the door's other hardware matches this metal finish. Alternatively, you can select a more rusted door handle. The same design consistency will apply with a rusted door handle selection. Finally, Wildwesthardware.com provides an oxidized aluminum handle, as well.

In addition, you can attach a speakeasy grill to the front of your door. This grill looks like a wrought iron cage, and should be affixed at eye level, in the center of your door. Do not overlook rustic hardware for your door hinges. Wildwesthardware.com has a variety of wrought iron and rusted door hinges that will fit any standard-sized door (See References). You can also place custom orders for non-traditional shaped doors.

Bolts, Finishing Nails, and Slide Bolts

For the nails, you can use "black powder coated clavos," which are nails that have an antiquated look and feel. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and can be hammered directly into the exterior of the door, in a large square pattern. You can also select decorative nails that are diamond shaped, or you can use elevated square nails. These nails range in color between wrought iron black, oxidized copper and weathered aluminum.

Slide bolts retain a particular rustic feel because they reflect a time period when locking mechanisms were not as common. You can use rustic side bolts for interior doors in lieu of a traditional door handle with an internal locking mechanism.

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