Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ideas For Decorating A Formal Dining Room

This dining room looks elegant yet contemporary at the same time.

A formal dining room truly says that you're an adult now. It gives you an elegant space to entertain friends and a place to make family mealtimes truly feel special. However, all formal dining rooms don't have to look identical; there are ways for you to create an absolutely sophisticated space while expressing your individuality. Does this Spark an idea?

Commanding Table

The dining table is the focal point of the dining room. Select a table that has presence. It doesn't have to be polished cherry or mahogany wood, although that's a classic suitable choice; it just has to draw your attention to it. For example, a wooden table with a marble top or a wrought-iron table are fitting choices as well. Ideally, the table should be large enough to seat six people around it comfortably.

Distinctive Chairs

Most photographs of dining rooms in magazines and catalogs show matching chairs positioned around a matching table. While this is an extremely classic look for a dining room, it's not the only one. Select chairs made of a contrasting material from the table to create a distinctive look. Consider the comfort of those who will eventually sit around this table; upholstered chairs welcome the guest to truly relax and enjoy the meal, adding to the luxurious environment. Bear in mind that the chairs don't have to match each other: select upholstered chairs in a range of fabric colors, or in one color with a range of patterns.

Hanging Lights

A hanging lamp is a necessity for a formal dining room; it spotlights the table, which should be the focal point of the room, and it provides a central light source for those seated around the dining room.

Crystal chandeliers are common choices because they sparkle, reflecting the light, and almost resemble a large jewel hanging over your table. However, they're not the only choice. Chandeliers and pendant lights come in a wealth of styles and materials: brass, stained glass, ceramic, wrought iron; even woven basket shades and paper lanterns can act as hanging lamps. Choosing a less traditional lamp will assist in giving the room a unique look.

Color the Walls

Just because a dining room is formal doesn't mean it should be imposing as well; a formal but cozy room to eat in will put guests more at ease. Achieve this balance by painting or putting up wallpaper to contribute to the sense of coziness. Warm colors of paint such as orange, gold and shades of red and pink will warm the room, creating a more welcoming environment. Patterned wallpapers will assist in making dining rooms that are too big seem slightly smaller and less cavernous.

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