Monday, November 28, 2011

Bed Headboard & Footer Styles

Headboards come in every style.

Headboards have been in existence for as long as humans have slept in beds. In Ancient Egypt, pharaohs rested on beds with headboards crafted of gold, silver and ebony. During Medieval times, nobles napped in extravagant four-poster beds with elegant headboards and footboards. Even today, headboards reflect the taste, status and wealth of the owner. They come in all sizes and styles, are made of many different materials, and vary greatly in price. Does this Spark an idea?


Upholstered headboards and footboards are padded and covered with fabric, vinyl or leather. They come in contemporary and traditional styles and provide a soft backdrop for reading in bed. Some upholstered headboards are smooth, others are tufted or edged with nail-head trim. Upholstered headboards are easy to make at home, using plywood, batting, fabric and a staple or glue gun.


The most classic headboard is the wooden variety. Sturdy and decorative, wooden headboards are carved from any furniture-grade wood and stained or painted. The styles range from an 18th-century four-poster substantial enough to support a canopy or bed curtains, to the less formal raised-panel or slat styles gracing the head and foot of the bed.


Metal head- and footboards are available in brass, wrought iron or even nickel. Many of these headboards originally were feminine, romantic looking, and decorated with scrolls. Styles available today, however, have a more masculine look. Some metal beds are designed in a contemporary style, such as those with clean-lined horizontal bars and slats.


The classic white wicker headboard has graced many a little girl's bed over the generations, providing a crisp backdrop for a ruffled sham and a Raggedy Ann doll. But woven headboards have grown up and branched out. The new versions are made from woven abaca, rattan and other natural fibers. They come in a variety of natural tones as well as the traditional and feminine white. This is an environmentally friendly option for a head- or footboard, as they are made with sustainable materials.

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