Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Lamp Base Styles

Lamp bases should coordinate with your decorating style.

The lamps you choose for your home should coordinate with your decorating style. For instance, if your home is decorated with a modern style, choose lamps that have a sleek or abstract appearance to add an interesting element to the room's decor. A lamp can provide more than just illumination in a room. The lamp base is a work of art that adds a decorative touch to the rooms in your home. Does this Spark an idea?


The contemporary decorating style includes neutral colors and modern sleek furnishings. The bases for your table lamps are an opportunity to add some color and decorative touches to the room. You can choose bases that are made of ceramic, metal or glass in the contemporary style. Contemporary lamp bases can have a jar, urn or square shape. Decorative lamp bases with a ceramic jar style may have a solid color or have patterns and designs. Crystal or glass lamp bases can have an urn shape or a geometric design for a modern look in the room. Fillable glass lamps are an interesting choice for a contemporary room design that allows you to fill the base of the lamp with whatever you choose, such as seashells, glass beads or polished stones.


Rustic interior designs, such as Tuscan, primitive, Mediterranean or interior designs for log homes work well with natural lamp bases. Wrought iron lamp bases add an old world look to your room interior design. Branch style or lamp bases made with antlers are rustic choices for your lamp base. The rustic style may use resurrected items as lamp bases, such as an old can or water pump transformed into a charming lamp base.


The Victorian interior design style has an ornate and feminine look that you can use to select your lamp bases. A ceramic lamp base with decorative birds or a floral motif painted on the surface works well in this interior design style.

Art Deco

Decorating your home with an art deco design creates a distinctive look that is still refreshingly modern even though it became common in the 1920s. The art deco style features glass and chrome in lighting fixtures and lamp bases. Figurines are also used for lamp bases in the art deco style.

French Country

The French country decorating style has many design elements that can be incorporated in the design of a lamp base. For instance, roosters, chickens and farm scenes are common motifs in a French country home that can decorate the exterior of a lamp base. Copper and wrought iron are materials used freely in this style, which you can use for your lamp bases as well.

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