Monday, November 28, 2011

Repaint Wrought Iron Patio Furniture

Give new life to old wrought iron patio furniture with a coat of paint.

Even if the painted finish on your wrought iron patio furniture has flaked and peeled over time, you can bring new life to the old metal furniture with a fresh coat of paint. As with any painting project, preparation is the key to a smooth, even finish. Anyone can repaint wrought iron patio furniture successfully with patience and attention to detail. You can even reface thrift store finds or yard sale bargains to ensure that they coordinate with your outdoor d cor.


1. Scrub every inch of the wrought iron furniture pieces with a wire brush. The wire brush will remove rust as well as any loose paint. If you leave rust on the furniture, it will show through the paint and create rough spots on the furniture.

2. Sand the furniture with medium-grade sandpaper to remove any remaining paint from the furniture. To remove paint from intricate detailing or tight areas, fold the paper in half and rub the crisp edge gently in the tight space.

3. Use a commercial paint stripper to remove any lingering or excessive paint if the sandpaper and wire brush do not remove the paint entirely; follow the manufacturer's instructions as to usage.

4. Spray the patio furniture with water using a hose to remove any loose rust and paint particles. Let the furniture dry completely.

5. Wipe the furniture thoroughly with a soft cloth soaked in vinegar. The vinegar helps remove any remaining grease and grime from the wrought iron surface. Let the furniture dry completely.

6. Protect the patio's surface by laying down a sheet of plastic.

7. Stand the furniture upside down on the plastic.

8. Coat the underside of the furniture with an exterior metal spray primer. Hold the paint can 6 to 8 inches from the furniture and apply the paint evenly in a left to right motion. To avoid drips and runs, keep the can consistently moving and do not apply paint to one area for more than two seconds at a time. Allow the primer coat to dry completely according to the manufacturer's directions.

9. Flip the furniture piece upright and prime the top of the piece with the same exterior spray primer in the same manner. Allow the primer to dry.

10. Flip the furniture upside down and paint the underside with a light coat of exterior metal spray paint. Hold the paint can 6 to 8 inches away from the furniture. Apply the spray in a left to right motion. Keep the can moving consistently to apply a light coat of paint over the metal surface. Allow the paint to dry completely.

11. Repaint the surface with a second coat of exterior metal spray paint as needed. Allow the paint to dry completely.

12. Flip the wrought iron piece upright and paint the top with exterior metal paint in the same manner. Allow the paint to dry before applying a second coat as needed. Allow the paint to dry.

13. Spray a light topcoat of exterior polyurethane on the top side of the furniture. Hold the exterior polyurethane spray 6 to 8 inches from the furniture and spray evenly from left to right. As with the spray paint, keep the can moving evenly to avoid drips. Let the polyurethane dry completely, then apply a second light coat.

14. Flip the furniture over to seal the underside with two coats of exterior polyurethane spray after the polyurethane dries on the top side. Allow the finish to dry between coats.

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