Thursday, November 10, 2011

Kill Bed Bugs With Steam

Kill Bed Bugs With Steam

Bed bugs are parasites that live on human blood. They are most commonly found in mattresses and box springs. If you have found bed bugs in your home, don't worry. You can kill bed bugs with steam because they cannot live at temperatures above 110 F.


1. Pick up all trash and clutter from your bedroom. (This gives the bed bugs fewer places to hide.)

2. Wash and dry all bed linens and clothing. Store them in plastic bags and containers to prevent re infestation.

3. Vacuum the carpets, furniture, mattress, and box springs to get rid of dust and debris.

4. Fill the receptacle on the steam cleaner with the directed amount of water and cleaning solution, as per the manufacturer's instructions.

5. Slowly go over surfaces with the steam cleaner to sanitize the areas and kill bed bugs. Start from the top of the room and work downward. Begin by steam cleaning curtains and drapes. Work your way to the bed and other furniture.

6. Allow the steam cleaned surfaces to dry thoroughly.

7. Wrap the mattress, box springs, and any furniture in tear-resistant plastic coverings, if possible. Leave the plastic on for two weeks to ensure that any living organisms have had time to die.

8. Examine the bedding, furniture, and other bedroom fixtures carefully for bed bug feces, skins, or living bugs. If any are found, repeat the steam cleaning process.

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