Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Western Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Western-style bathroom makeover

The old frontier meets modern amenities with a bathroom decorated in a Western theme. Round up decor items reminiscent of the Old West for an easy bathroom makeover. Cowboys and city folks alike will hoop it up over this rustic retreat. Does this Spark an idea?

Western Walls

Paint walls in an earth tone. Select coordinating wrought iron light fixtures, towel racks and toilet paper holder. Add a framed Western picture, rusty, barbed wire coiled wreath, horseshoes, spurs or a lasso as wall art.

Windows, Rugs and Towels

Display thick brown or beige towels with a piece of rope tied around them. Add a Southwest motif rug on floor. Transform a burlap bag or cowhide material into a window valance, or simply wrap rope around a wrought iron curtain rod.

Brand Your Bathroom With Western Decor

Scour antique stores and rural estate sales for accent pieces. A small Indian grinding stone becomes a soap dish. Cactus plants, Mason jars holding rusty nails and Native American weaved baskets add punch to counter space. A cowboy boot doubles as a toilet brush holder. Finish off the look with a wicker basket filled with Western-themed magazines or books.

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