Monday, November 21, 2011

Do A Small Bathroom Makeover On The Cheap

New fixtures give a bathroom an updated look instantly.

A bathroom makeover need not involve an extensive renovation costing thousands of dollars. When a bathroom is small, a cohesive theme or color scheme and well-chosen accessories can revamp it without breaking the bank. You can then enjoy a more attractive, stylish bathroom while setting money aside to save for any more substantial alterations you intend to carry out in the future.


1. Remove old wallpaper and paint. Paint the ceiling and walls with a semi-gloss or gloss interior latex paint, which will resist moisture and be easy to clean. Paint the ceiling white for a clean, fresh look that will give the impression of more space. Paint the walls in a neutral color that will not date and will work with many other accent colors. Beige, taupe and pale gray are peaceful, restful colors that help create a relaxing bathroom environment.

2. Buff all tiles with a palm sander and fine-grit sandpaper.

3. Remove the shower door and replace it with a shower curtain, which is cheaper, more sanitary and simple to wash.

4. Sand the vanity with the palm sander and fine-grit sandpaper. Paint it a neutral color a shade or two darker than your walls.

5. Lay vinyl on the floor, which is a cheap alternative to tiles. Visit discount flooring stores and look for special offers and reduced ranges. Cover the floor with bath rugs to disguise an old floor if your budget does not stretch to a brand new one.

6. Update the faucet and other small fixtures like the toilet paper holder and towel holder. Purchase fixtures to complement your chosen style; shiny chrome or brushed aluminum fixtures suit a contemporary bathroom, while wrought-iron or cream fixtures with a distressed paint effect are ideal for a vintage theme. Replace your standard tub spout with a diverter spout. Attach a handheld shower shower to it. This is a far cheaper alternative to installing a separate shower enclosure.

7. Purchase new towels and a few decorative items such as candles and vases in one or two accent colors that are deeper, darker or brighter than your walls.

8. Hang interesting wall art or black and white photographs in matching frames. This helps to draw the eye away from any features in the bathroom you want to hide, such as an old tub that you cannot afford to replace. Picture frames in different colors and sizes can make for inexpensive and contemporary wall art.

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