Thursday, November 3, 2011

Decorating Ideas For A Baker'S Rack

Flowers and china dress up this baker's rack

Baker's racks were originally designed to cool pies and other desserts. They consist of several open-air shelves (metal or wrought iron, to allow air to flow through) which are set on top of a wide counter. Under the counter are drawers. Often the shelves are graduated in size, with the shortest on top. Today, baker's racks are still used in the kitchen, but can be found used in other rooms as well, and even outdoors in the garden. Does this Spark an idea?


First, consider using your baker's rack to store your pretty china and other dishware. Not only will you be using it for a functional purpose, but the display of china, crystal and other dishes will give your kitchen an upscale, pretty look. Along those same lines, use the baker's rack to store (and display) a collection of favorite mugs, whimsical cookie jars, a canister set, a set of cookbooks, or even wine glasses and wine.


Plants look terrific on a baker's rack, and the open design allows them to get plenty of light and air. Consider filling the shelves with potted herbs. Hang dried flowers upside down from the sides of the rack. Set a pretty gardening hat on the top shelf, along with a stack of empty clay pots. Let hanging vines trail down the front and sides of the rack, and place a china pitcher full of cut flowers in the middle of the bottom counter.


Baker's racks do not only have to be used in the kitchen. They are great for storing and displaying things in any room of the house. In the bathroom, decorate your baker's rack by rolling up some towels on the shelves. Add some scented candles, a pretty glass bowl full of decorative soaps, and a whimsical rubber ducky. In the bedroom, purchase some wicker baskets to hold socks and other clothing items, then place it on the shelves. Add family photos for decoration, and a small lamp.

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