Monday, November 14, 2011

Set Up Ideas For Reception Tables

Wedding tables can be elegant or casual, depending on the wedding.

The layout of the tables for your wedding reception can set the tone for the entire event. The arrangement, in combination with the decor, will designate if the wedding is a formal and elegant affair, a rustic and laid-back event, or something in between. Choose a table style and formation for your event that will complement the overall theme and atmosphere of the wedding.

Bistro Tables

Small bistro tables are a suitable and appropriate choice for garden or vineyard-based weddings or virtually any outdoor wedding. Bistro tables, such as those made from wrought iron, will give the event a classic and old-world, European feel since bistro tables have been a staple of French cafes for generations. As many modern cafes also feature bistro seating, you can also utilize bistro tables for a wedding reception that blends classic with modern.


Picnic benches give a country-style or laid-back wedding a rustic and vintage feel. When dressed up with linens and tableware, the benches will convey the elegance and formality suitable to a wedding; however, their innate style will ensure that the atmosphere is still comfortable and relaxed. The benches can be long to seat dozens of people or be typical six to eight seating benches for a more intimate effect.

Various Sized Tables

For an artistic and contemporary feel, use tables of varying sizes and shapes. Intermix square tables with round and oval tables; throw in a few octagonal or diamond-shaped tables as well. Scatter the tables so that the various table shapes are evenly distributed, which will add to the room's overall look and effect. Using a variety of different tables will enhance the visual appeal of the event, making it both interesting and memorable for the guests.

Table Themes

If you are utilizing traditional wedding tables, which are usually round and seat eight to 10 individuals, put a new twist on them by incorporating table themes. The theme can be derived from the wedding color palette or inspired by an idea, era or place. For example, for an island-themed wedding, use tablecloths featuring vibrantly colored flower prints, brightly colored dishes and arrangements of exotic flowers as centerpieces. Alternatively, if your wedding color palette is pink and green, display different shades of pink and green on the wedding tables. One table could pair hunter green napkins and chair sashes with rose pink tablecloths and chair covers, while another could have lime green with hot pink colors.

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