Thursday, December 6, 2012

Care Of Wrought Iron Gates

Take care of your wrought iron gate.

Wrought iron is the term given to metal that is hammered to a particular shape when it is hot by a skilled worker. A wrought iron gate transforms the appearance of a garden, giving the landscape a rustic and artistic appeal. These gates appear in a variety of elegant shapes and designs, with lengths of iron molded and shaped into ornate patterns. With time, however, the coating on the gate may chip, crack or become rusty, giving it an unkempt appearance and casting a shadow over its grandeur. Care for the classic beauty to prevent damage for many years. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Scrub the gate with a mixture of regular dishwashing liquid and warm water once every month to remove accumulated dirt, grime, dust or debris. Remove the soapy mixture from the gate handles and bars with a moist towel before rubbing it thoroughly with a soft, dry towel so it does not rust.

2. Spread a tarp or heavyweight plastic sheet over the wrought iron gate during the rainy season, if possible. Use any spare tarp at home, or purchase a protective slipcover especially for the gate from a furniture store.

3. Examine the wrought iron gate for any rust. Scrub the rusted portion of the gate with a fine-grit sandpaper to loosen the layers of rust. Make sure you remove all layers of rust because the smallest particles accidentally left behind, you will find, will resurface and spread again. Rub the cleared part of the gate with a fine steel wool scouring pad before applying a rust inhibitor or primer to the area. Apply a coat or two of wrought iron furniture paint over the area in the shade that matches the gate.

4. Inspect the wrought iron gate frequently for chipping or cracking paint. Scrub the exposed surface of the gate with a soapy solution and wash it off with warm water. Dry it thoroughly before covering it with a rustproof metal paint. Use the touch-up paint that was included with the gate at the time of purchase, or apply a coat or two of automotive paint in the same color and allow it to dry.

5. Apply an even coat of rust-resistant metal polish to the gate with a soft cloth every two to three months to prevent future damage.

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