Thursday, December 13, 2012

Stone Fireplace Decorating Ideas

Draw attention to your stone fireplace by decorating around it.

Decorate around your stone fireplace to complement the style and decor in the room, as well as enhance the fireplace. Fireplaces typically serve as a natural focal point and can set the tone for the entire room, whether it's your bedroom, dining room or living room. Choose accessories that help create the mood or style you want in the room, such as romantic or rustic, and that work with the colors and textures of the stone. Does this Spark an idea?

Above the Fireplace

The stone can serve as the only decoration above the fireplace if you enjoy the way it looks and don't think anything needs added. If the wall is two stories high, you may want to break up the stone by hanging something of significant size above the fireplace. A large mirror with a decorative frame that complements the stone and matches the style of the room is one option. Hang a flat-screen TV above the fireplace (particularly if you have an artsy cover for when it's not in use) so that your seating arrangement can be centered around the fireplace for its appeal, as well as practical TV-watching time. Family pictures, a large-scale collage or artwork can also hang above the fireplace.

In Front of the Fireplace

Set a rustic-looking or wrought iron poker set or screen in front of the fireplace if it's practical, or simply as a decoration. A large floor vase or plant stand can sit off to one side to add color to the space. If there is a raised ledge in front of the fireplace, somewhat like an altar or bench, place decorative items on the ledge on either side of the fireplace. Framed photographs, candle arrangements, floral arrangements or plants (silk plants are fine) can fill the space. Galvanized or bronze-looking vases or bowls can hold abundant floral arrangements or fruit, whether real or artificial. Avoid overcrowding the ledge as you want the fireplace to remain the focus.

The Mantel

Some stone fireplaces that go up the entire wall don't have a mantel. Install a floating shelf or series of shelves if you don't have a mantel but want one. The items you place on the mantel should be on scale with the size of the fireplace. Small items, such as a bud vase or 5-by-7-inch picture frame, would look silly if the stone is 10 to 20 feet high. Place tall, thick candles, large vases, statues or urns on the mantel to balance an expansive fireplace. If the wall is smaller, scale down your decorative items to fit the space. You can also prop a mirror, picture or piece of art against the wall from the mantel if it's secure and you don't want to drill into the stone. Fill tall glass cylinders with decorative glass balls, beads, pebbles, potpourri or whatever you want. Use a hurricane shade or ornate candelabra to add heft to candle decorations.

On the Sides

Bookshelves or cabinets can flank the fireplace, as long as the wood complements the stone and the shelves are on scale with the fireplace. Go for a flush, built-in look if possible. Shelves are a good option if the fireplace has no mantel to add decorative accessories to the area and frame the fireplace.

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