Monday, December 3, 2012

Repair Cast Iron Pipes

The Naked Writer

Cast iron pipes rust and need replaced. It isn't too hard with tips. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Cast iron sewer pipe gets rotten and rusty on the bottom side with time. To replace it, begin by finding the point in the line where it is still solid.

2. Cut the pipe in two with a reciprocating saw. You will have to use a very good metal cutting blade, or a diamond tip cutting blade to do this. The pipe will have black gunk and water inside! be careful not to let this run down and into the saw! make sure you are using an outlet with a Ground fault Interrupter (GFI) just in case.

3. Now find the other end of the pipe where it is still in good shape and cut it in two as well. Drag all the rotten pipe out from under the house so you have a clean work area.

4. Now replace the cut out section with schedule 40 PVC drain line the same size as the old pipe. Join the sections together with couplings or whatever fittings were there before. Use PVC cleaner on all of your joints. Let it dry and then apply glue on both fittings and stick together.

5. Make sure they are right before they dry because they do not come back apart. As you put the pieces together, do it with a twisting motion because this helps seal the glue even better.

6. The joints where the new PVC meets the cast iron are connected with a no hub band. It is a rubber connecter with a stainless steel band around the outside. It has two stainless clamps built in. Use these and the 1/4" nut driver to tighten the band in place.

7. You are done! The PVC you put in lasts a lifetime. You will never have to worry with it again.

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