Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Decorate A Pot Rack

Pot racks combine the utilitarian and the decorative in one unit. If you have installed a pot rack in your kitchen, think about making it a beautiful facet of your kitchen decor. You can easily decorate it without detracting from its usefulness. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Scrub all of your pots. Ultimately, a pot rack is for hanging up pots. It gives you extra cupboard space and keeps your cooking tools at the ready. However, a pot rack will be far more beautiful when hung with perfectly polished pots and pans. Scrub off any black marks, burns and other grime. If you have old cookware, you may have to scrub a littler harder. Making your pots shine like new will be worth it when you hang them on your new pot rack.

2. Polish your brass pots and brass-bottomed cookware. Brass lights up a kitchen and gives it an elegant feel.

3. Decorate the chains holding up your pot rack. You can weave pretty vines, leaves or flowers in and out of the chains for a floral look. You can also twine the Christmas lights around the chains. If you like, do both.

4. You can add a little foliage to your kitchen by placing a potted plant like a fern, spider plant or seasonal houseplant on top of your pot rack. This way, even if the rack is nearly empty when you're cooking a big meal, your pot rack will still be vibrant and beautiful.

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