Thursday, December 27, 2012

Set Up A Hot Tub Room

Relaxing at home

A hot tub room can serve as a romantic getaway in your home, a place to unwind or a therapy room used to treat sore joints and muscles. Warm water pounding out the knots in your muscles in a room suited for a hot tub and well-decorated surroundings should create a welcoming environment. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Patio furniture can withstand the moisture of a hot tub room.

Plan your seating. The area around the hot tub should serve as a living room. Hot tub rooms tend to create moisture buildup. So use patio furniture in a hot tub room. Wicker, wood or manmade seating with all-weather, mildew-resistant cushions and tables with stone or treated tops can survive moist air and wet bathing suits.

2. Choose your color palette.

Create a color palette. If you are uncertain about combining colors, use multiple paint color swatches from a home improvement store. Find one that matches your hot tub color and choose from the colors that are on the swatch with it. Use those colors to decide wall, furniture or decorative colors.

3. Proper ventilation keeps your hot tub room fresh and dry.

Organize your room to deal with moisture and ventilation. Mount towel racks or use a free-standing coat rack for bathing suits or wet towels. Run an oscillating fan to keep the room fresh and dry. When there is moisture buildup, keep the fan on for a few hours to freshen the room. Mop up any spills or pooled water quickly.

4. Decorative elements add interest.

Add decorative elements. Hang candle holders, wrought iron sculptures, or plants to add color and ambiance. No-skid rugs not only add color, but also make the hot tub room safer. Buy an all-weather cabinet or chest to store the hot tub chemicals, fragrances and towels out of sight. With plants, choose ones that are easy to care for and flourish in high humidity, such as succulents, like grape ivy, which require watering about once a month or tropical plants.

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