Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Make A Mirror Skirt Pedestal

A decorative mirror skirt can turn a plain desk or pedestal into a beautiful makeup table or vanity. Just look for a small table or desk that you aren't using, or search for something used and reasonable at rummage sales or secondhand shops. It does not need to be perfect. A coat of paint will fix up what the skirt doesn't cover. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Measure the height of the table or pedestal and add 2 inches to the length of the fabric that will become the skirt. You will want the fabric to brush the floor, and you will need a bit to hem the edges. Measure the amount of fabric it would take to cover the front of the table or pedestal and the two sides and double it.

2. Cut the fabric for your mirror skirt according to your measurements. Fold over a 1/4 inch of fabric to hem around the entire piece using sewing pins to hold the fold in place. Hem the fabric with a sewing machine, removing the pins as you sew.

3. Decide which side of the fabric will be the top of your skirt and which will be the bottom. Along the top edge of the mirror skirt, at intervals of 2 inches, pinch about 1 inch of the fabric together and fold it over flat onto the top edge, securing it with pins. Continue this along the length of the fabric creating folds that gather the top of the skirt.

4. Hold the pinned edge up to your desk or table to ensure that it will reach all around the three sides. If it is too short or too long, adjust your folds appropriately. Measure 1/4 inch in from the top of the fabric, and sew the folds down, securing them once. Measure 1 1/2 inches down from the top, and sew another line along the top, securing the folds twice.

5. Attach your skirt to the front and sides of your table or pedestal using staples or Velcro. The easiest way is to staple the skirt to your table with a staple gun. For those of you who would rather have a removable skirt, attach Velcro tabs along the edge of the table and the top edge of your skirt. Sew the soft tab to the skirt and glue the stiff tab with hot glue or crazy glue to the edge of your table.

6. To finish your skirt, add a ribbon or band to the top. If you use Velcro to attach your skirt, sew a 2-inch-wide ribbon over the top of the folds in your skirt. If you choose, you can make a decorative band from the matching leftover fabric by measuring the skirt and cutting a piece about 3 inches wide and as long around as the front and two sides of your table. Hem the fabric along both sides of the long piece and use this as our decorative accent covering the folds. Sew it on over the folds. If you staple the skirt on, attach your ribbon or decorative band using a hot glue gun after the skirt has been secured to the table.

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