Thursday, December 13, 2012

Stop A Squeaky Bed Frame

Do you dread going to sleep at night? Is your bed bringing you moments of frustration instead of comfort? Squeaky bed frames are a common problem and can seriously affect a good night's rest. Luckily, there are some quick and convenient solutions to solving this dilemma. With the advice recommended in "Black & Decker Complete Photo Home Guide to Repair," fixing squeaky bed frames is easy. Does this Spark an idea?


Fixing Your Frame

1. Make sure your bed frame is on a level and sturdy foundation. If not, first cut out small pieces of rubber matting slightly larger then the base of the frame's legs. Make sure to place the matting underneath the four bedf rame legs evenly to stop the legs from sliding against your floor. Follow this process by cutting out cardboard the same size as the leg's base and place on top of the fitted matting. If needed, double up the cardboard under certain legs to ensure an even foundation. Make sure the matting and cardboard are not visible and are hidden underneath the legs when viewing the bed frame.

2. Determine if the frame still remains squeaky. If so (and if the base is iron or metal), apply WD-40 to an old rag and vigorously rub a full layer across the frame and base. Allow 2 hours to dry. For any frame, apply the WD-40 on a rag over the metal nuts and bolts of the frame. Allow 1 hour to dry. Follow by placing Vaseline on a new, clean rag, carefully smoothing into the crevices of the nuts and bolts of the frame. Allow 1 hour to dry.

3. Place washers underneath the bolt between the bolt and screw head. Tighten the screw heads that connect the bed frame together, using the appropriate type of screwdriver. Hold tightly onto each bolt with a pair of pliers when tightening the heads. If still loose, squeeze superglue into the crevices of the bolts.

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