Friday, December 28, 2012

Grade 11 Welding Projects

Welding can lead to a vocation as well as a hobby.

High school shop-class projects are no longer just about building birdhouses and ashtrays. Particularly in metal shop, where students are constructing projects that are complex, yet practical. Metalworking students will learn a skill that can lead them to a viable trade. But working with metal doesn't have to be a vocation; it can become a lifelong hobby or even a way to express one's self artistically.

Wrought Iron End Table

You can make a handsome end table out of wrought iron and tile, in just a few hours. Wrought iron (also known as mild steel) is an excellent choice for making decorative pieces for the home. It's long-wearing and creates a timeless, rustic look. The process for constructing this table is simple enough that it would make an appropriate first project for a neophyte welder. The project will also require some metal-cutting skills. First, a piece of tile will be needed. This will determine the width of the table; a 12-by-12-inch piece is ideal. Additionally, you will need several sizes of square tubing iron (1 inch, 3/4 inch and 3/8 inch), as well as a piece of 2-by-1-inch angle iron. But when cutting the iron, keep in mind the old adage, "Measure twice, cut once." You don't want to wind up with wobbly table legs.

Decorative Easel

Build an easel that is both beautiful and multifunctional. The plans for this project create an antique-style design using tubular steel that requires welding and metal-bending dexterity, but the construction is relatively simple. When the construction is complete, the easel should be painted. Black is a classic choice and will give the piece a wrought-iron look. It will probably need several coats. The easel will have a classic look that makes it ideal for either a home or an office and can be used for displaying artwork, posters and advertisements.

Support Stand

With this project, a support stand, the student can take satisfaction in building a piece that will aid him in future welding projects. This is a fairly simple and straightforward design. The stand can help support metal during the welding process, and if you build two of them, you can use them as a type of adjustable sawhorse. You will need some 1-inch diameter black pipe, a 5/8-inch diameter threaded rod, a 2-by-2-by-1/4-inch piece with a 3/4-inch hole drilled in the center, some long-channel steel and two 5/8-inch nuts. Mild steel is recommended for this project.

Welding Table

This is another plan that will help the student create a utilitarian piece that can be used for future welding projects. When you weld, you want an easily accessible space where you will be comfortable. A welding table will get you off the floor and make working on your project more accommodating. The plan calls for 1.6mm gauge sheet metal that will be laid on top of marine ply or any other flat, wood surface. This will be the top of the table. You will also need four pieces of 40-by-40-by-3mm box section steel, angle iron, a 5mm-diameter rod, wire mesh and four caster wheels to make the table mobile.

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