Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Diy Back Yard Metal Gazebo Ideas

Metal gazebos are durable.

Metal gazebos provide you with a freestanding structure in which you can relax or entertain guests. Such gazebos are simple to erect if you purchase one in the form of a kit. By using welding or carpentry skill, or creativity, you can create a personalized metal gazebo to help complete the look of your outdoor living space. Does this Spark an idea?

Asian-Inspired Gazebo

Instead of the using a traditionally round shape for a gazebo, use a square frame created with black metal to mimic the look of a teahouse. Line the outer lower perimeter with boards of light colored wood. If you want windows, mimic the look of silk or rice paper screens by using translucent Plexiglas or frosted glass. Light the inside of the gazebo with sturdy Asian-style lanterns. Place a cast iron bell or bamboo wind chimes outside the entrance to the gazebo and surround the structure with white rocks. If you want to use the gazebo for relaxing, install a Japanese soaking tub.

Fairytale Gazebo

A fairytale-style gazebo is whimsical looking and perfect for an English rose garden and afternoon tea parties. This gazebo style is generally shaped like an octagon and has a roof with one tier. The top of the gazebo posts has gingerbread spandrels as corner braces, which you can weld or purchase. The railings on a fairytale gazebo are spindled and the swirled accents may remind you of a carousel. In addition to lighting the gazebo with a central lamp, strategically place small LED lights in the structure to add to the whimsical look at night.

Garden House Gazebo

Garden house-style gazebos are square and look similar to garden houses. This type of metal gazebo is best in yards that do not have a lot of shady trees or if you want to hang a swing for two. Accent the metal gazebo with cupola caps made of copper and complete the look with spandrels and railings. Accent the perimeter of a garden house gazebo with wildflowers, decorative grasses and plants in clay pots.

Oasis-Inspired Gazebo

Oasis-inspired gazebos feature a minimalist, clean look without rails or spandrels, are generally rectangular and have a double-tiered roof lined with a water- and weather-resistant canvas material. The tops of the frame can have curved metal arches to accent the lines of the structure. The addition of a canvas curtain that matches the roof and/or netting can offer privacy and protection from insects, the sun, rain and light breezes. Light the inside of the gazebo with brightly colored lamps to create a warm glow and accent the structure with tropical plants.

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