Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Use The Longaberger Umbrella Basket

Longaberger manufactures hand-crafted baskets in Ohio.

Longaberger, a manufacturer of baskets, was founded more than 35 years ago. Based in Ohio, the company has more than 45, 000 consultants throughout the United States. Its range of basket can be used for blankets, fruit, hot dishes, display or storage. As of December 2010, the umbrella basket is not available for purchase through its website, however it can be sourced online through secondhand outlets. It is a long, standing basket that accommodates umbrellas. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Inspect the umbrella basket to see if it has any holes or faults in its weaving. Using it when it is damaged may cause it to break further. Look for loose material by shaking the basket firmly. If it is sturdy, the weaving remains intact without any debris falling from it.

2. Find a suitable location to place the umbrella basket. Placing it by the door is suitable for visitors to collapse their umbrellas and put them inside the basket.

3. Provide additional support to the basket by using a wrought iron umbrella stand. Look online for a secondhand stand or ask a locker blacksmith for a quote for making one. The stand gives the basket extra durability by supporting the weight of the umbrellas.

4. Put your umbrella basket in place. Position it so it doesn't touch the wall as this may damage your paintwork. Also, leave enough space for the umbrella handles to hang out of the basket. Leave a 1-inch gap between the wall and basket.

5. Collapse your wet umbrellas and place them in the umbrella basket with the handle up. Do this by holding the handle of the umbrella, and pointing it into the umbrella stand. Release the handle so the umbrella sits inside the stand.

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