Monday, December 17, 2012

Decorating Ideas For A Longaberger Shelf

The Longaberger Company was founded in 1973, originally specializing in basket making, a craft that has long been a part of the Longaberger family. It later expanded into other products, such as tables, shelves, pottery and more. The products are often sold by home consultant and at craft markets. Collecting Longaberger products has become a trend in home design, but once installed, owners of Longaberger products typically wish to decorate them to match their home accents. Does this Spark an idea?

Wrought Iron

Many Longaberger products are accented using wrought iron. While displaying wrought iron on a shelf isn't typically a reality, there is always the option of hanging decorative wrought iron around your shelf. Below or beside the shelf is preferable to prevent monopolizing the actual shelf space.


Installing small LED wall lights above or below your Longaberger shelf is a good way to accentuate its appearance, while at the same time adding ambient lighting to the room. When lighting your shelf, the lights should be place 1 to 1.5 feet above or below the shelf for optimum shadow casting and accenting.

Wall Art

Another way to display your Longaberger shelving is to hang it just below a picture. Be sure to hang it low enough to prevent any items displayed on the shelf from obscuring the picture. Utilizing your shelf in this way allows you to easily further "frame" your picture.

Ribbons, Fabric or Paper

Ribbons, fabric and paper displayed on your Longaberger shelf can add non-permanent color accents to your shelving. These layouts can be easily changed to match any occasion or season, giving your home decorating a lot of flexibility. Using ribbons, fabric and paper also allows you to easily extend your color motifs to other areas of the room or house.

What Not to Do

Longaberger products, while functional, are also considered pieces of art by many. If you plan on using your Longaberger shelf to set your keys or other daily items on, consider using a cheaper, non-Longaberger shelf. Your Longaberger shelves should be reserved for decorative and more permanent item placements. Also, don't paint or otherwise modify your Longaberger shelves; once again, these pieces are not meant to be modified, and buying a more generic shelf would be more suitable for painting.

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