Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Tudor Basement Ideas

A Tudor basement uses wrought iron as a decorative accessory.

A Tudor home is recognizable by its off-white, tan or light gray stucco exterior adorned with large chocolate brown half timbers. The Tudor style, named after the Tudor dynasty, was first used as a decorating motif in England during the 15th century. If you want to decorate your basement and stay true to your home's Tudor design, you must incorporate dark hardwood and wrought iron into your basement decor. Does this Spark an idea?

Dark Hardwood

A Tudor basement incorporates dark mahogany or walnut hardwood into the room design. Paint the walls a light beige, golden-yellow or soft gray color to ensure that the room doesn't feel too heavy with the dark wood accents. Install dark-stained hardwood for flooring or add mahogany accent tables and chairs as decorative furnishings. Use walnut-stained wood trim to complement the Tudor motif. If you have enough available space, you can furnish the basement with a mahogany or walnut-framed billiard table.

Wrought Iron

Wrought iron is a soft black metal that has a strong classical design. Its heavy weight and sturdy construction make it a durable metal for wall decorations, floor lamps and furnishings. Install a large wrought iron candelabra on one of your basement walls for visual appeal. Accessorize the room with wrought iron candlesticks, picture frames and table decorations.

Warm Illumination

To detract from cold walls in a Tudor basement, add warm illumination to the room design. Install a wrought-iron chandelier and place accent candles around the room. Use soft white bulbs in light fixtures and lamps. Avoid fluorescent tube lighting and bright white halogen bulbs that can make the room seem less friendly.

Comfortable Seating

The Tudor motif encourages comfortable seating, so you can select an oversized couch and stuffed chairs for your basement design. Cushioned accessories make your Tudor basement more appealing for lounging, resting or watching television. Select furniture that has dark wood-stained trim and brass hardware to harmonize with the overall Tudor appeal.

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