Saturday, February 15, 2014

Directions For Making An Antler Chandelier

Use your antler collection to make a chandelier.

These days, antler chandeliers are no longer just for hunting lodges. In fact, they are searched for online more than any other type of chandelier, save crystal. A well arranged collection of antlers can add interest to any dining room. Why spend thousands of dollars on a designer antler chandelier when you can make your very own at home? Making a custom antler chandelier is simple and inexpensive, and you get the added benefit of being able to make it as large or as small as you like.


1. Wash the inside and the outside of all the antlers thoroughly.

2. Coat the antlers with several coats of stain. Allow adequate drying time in between each coat.

3. Drill holes through the antler tips that will hold the lightbulbs.

4. Arrange the antlers in a ring, connected at their bases. Drill holes through the sides of the antlers and lace wire through them. Tighten the wire to secure the ring you have arranged.

5. Run the electrical wiring in your chandelier kit through the holes in the antlers and out the tips you drilled.

6. Use brown modeling clay to secure the platform for each light at the end of the wires laced through the antlers.

7. Use the chain and anchor in your chandelier kit to secure the chandelier and wiring to the ceiling.

8. Insert lightbulbs in the platforms you secured at the tips of the wired antlers.

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