Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Homemade Bridal Cakes

Cakes are a traditional part of bridal showers, a prelude of sorts to the formal wedding cake. You don't have to be a master baker to create a cake for the bride-to-be that she will absolutely love. Depending on the theme, the bride's tastes and the size of the cake needed, you can find ideas that will be sure to make everyone happy.

Heart-Shaped Cakes

Make a heart-shaped cake and frost it in the wedding colors. Then write a sweet saying or poem on it with an icing pen. Be sure to put the bride's name on the cake. Add candy conversation hearts to the sides of the cake to add some extra flair.

Bridal Barbie

Bake a bell- or dome-shaped cake. Poke a hole in the center of the cooled cake and insert a Barbie doll. (Wrap the doll's legs and body in plastic wrap first.) The cake should come up to the doll's waist and look like the bottom of her dress.

Cover the cake and Barbie's chest with white fondant, and create a top for the dress out of fondant. Then decorate the fondant by painting it, adding glittery edible decorating dust, icing, frosting or other embellishments. Make sure the Barbie doll you choose looks as much like the bride as possible (hair color, eye color).

Cupcake Tower

Instead of a traditional cake make a cupcake tower. Bake different flavors of cupcakes and decorate each cupcake differently. Using icing and frosting pipe the name of the bride, wedding date, wedding rings, bells, bridal dresses and other elements on the cupcakes. Or place plastic figurines on each cupcake. Place all of these on a tiered cupcake stand so it resembles a tiered wedding cake in structure.

Wedding Dresses

Make a traditional flat sheet cake. Then use fondant to mold a wedding dress and several smaller bridesmaid dresses. Make one dress for each bridesmaid in the wedding party. Try to make the wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses match the actual gowns selected for the wedding. Use the same color scheme, basic shape and any distinctive design elements. Using a piping bag, write each bridesmaid's name on a dress. Write the bride's name on the wedding dress and place this directly in the center of the cake. Then set the smaller bridesmaid dresses all around the rest of the cake.

Wedding Rings

Make two Bundt cakes. Using a knife, cut cake away from the centers to enlarge the holes. Make the two cakes interlock by cutting two side slots on one of the cakes so you essentially cut off half a side. Take the other cake and place it in the slot so the edges meet. Then cut a small chunk off each end of the dismembered cake side. Place it inside the uncut cake so it looks like it reconnects with its original ring shape. The two cakes should look like they interlock. Use frosting to hold the pieces together. Then frost the entire cake and decorate to make each loop look like a wedding ring.

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