Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Make A Custom Pageant Dress

Making a custom pageant dress is a painstaking process.

Pageants are organized events that allow young girls to compete for large prizes such as scholarships and/or money as well as a title. Popular pageants and titles include Miss America, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA. Making your own pageant dress, one that's designed with your body in mind, can be less expensive than buying one off the rack, depending on whether you know a seamstress who'll put the dress together for little or no payment.


1. Design your dress according to your body type. Hourglass body types can wear virtually any kind of dress. Pear-shaped and boy body types should wear dresses that accentuate the bustline. Apple shapes and large busted women should wear dresses that focus more on full or intricate skirts.

2. Choose your fabric. You may have a lot of fabric to buy or a little depending on the layers and skirt of your dress. For ballgown-like skirts, you will need at the very least a crinoline, but these types of skirts typically look better when layers are used. You also need to make your color choice at this time, taking into account the color or colors that best complement your skin tone and hair color.

3. Separate the dress into mini projects, such as the skirt, bodice and closures. This will make the dress simpler to put together. Take your measurements and write them down.

4. Sew the dress in pieces and then attach them to each other. Perform a fitting of the dress before adding accessories or appliques. Most pageant dresses have some kind of bead work or sequins on them. If you're not experienced in bead work, find someone who is to handle this very important detail.

5. Perform a final fitting after the entire dress is done. Make any alterations that you need to make in order to finish the dress and have it fit properly to your body.

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