Sunday, February 2, 2014

Make Henna Stain More dark

Obtain the pitch-dark henna stain possible.

A brief history of discoloration your skin with henna paste is much more than 5,000 years of age, including evidence the ancient Egyptians used henna to stain the fingers and toes of the Pharaohs before mummification. Culled in the henna tree, henna paste can be used like a natural hair dye additionally to skin discoloration. Though henna frequently seems like a light, red stain onto the skin, you'll be able to get the henna tats to stain more dark by utilizing certain methods and additional elements.


1. Use the henna to places that skin is thickest to obtain more dark stains. Henna soaks up easier into thicker skin, and that's why henna stains frequently come out light of all parts of the body apart from both your hands and ft.

2. Keep your henna as warm as you possibly can even though it is drying out onto the skin. Henna responds well to warmth, therefore the warmer your body's temperature, the more dark the henna stain is going to be. Individuals with cooler body temps can sit near a resource of heat, like a heater or fire, as the henna is drying out. Wrap the henna with clean rags once it's dry to close in extra warmth which help darken the stain.

3. Leave the henna onto the skin as lengthy as you possibly can. The more the henna remains on our bodies, the more dark the stain is going to be. If at all possible, leave the henna paste on for at least two hrs, though four hrs or perhaps overnight can give the greatest results.

4. Add four drops of acrylic per gram of henna powder accustomed to darken henna. Many essential oils contain hennotannic acidity, a vital component for turning henna dark. Suggested essential oils with this process include lavender, tea tree, cajeput and ravensara.

5. Use ammonia to help darken your henna tattoo after brushing from the dried paste. Pour about 1/2 inch of ammonia right into a shallow ceramic container and put your henna-stained hands or feet within the solution for five to ten minutes. Splash the ammonia around therefore the tattoo will get completely covered. Rinse the ammonia and soothe your skin with essential olive oil. Your henna tattoo should turn black within 24 hrs.

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