Sunday, February 16, 2014

Make A Rope Ladder

Ladder ropes are a classic tree house accessory.

Whether you need a rope ladder for a tree house or for other outdoor adventures, you can make one yourself with a few basic materials. If properly constructed, your rope ladder will be sturdy and dependable.


1. Drill holes 2 inches from each end of the boards.

2. Place washers on both sides of the boards. Washers keep the rope from fraying over time as it rubs on the wood.

3. Thread the rope through the holes and tie a simple knot.

4. Repeat every 10 inches until you have the length needed.

5. Tie both sides together using two triple hitches at the bottom end. This enables the ropes to work together when weight is added.

Tips Warnings

Rope ladders are not appropriate for dangerous rock climbing and mountain climbing.

Only one person at a time should be on the ladder.

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