Saturday, February 1, 2014

Recreate Angelina Jolie'S Oscar Hair do

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts is among the most effective stars in Hollywood. Her gorgeous half-up hair do is filled with volume and curl. The appearance will certainly be flattering on individuals with shoulder length hair or longer. In a couple of steps, you are able to re-create her voluminous half-up hairstyle by using a roller and hair dryer.


1. Begin with clean, well-conditioned hair. It ought to be wet. Switch your hair upside lower and blow dry straight utilizing a brush until 50 % dry.

2. Spray using the root-lifting spray, after which continue drying out with fingers until totally dry. Volume is essential, and also the lifting spray includes a better impact on hair that's less damp than wet.

3. Wrap hair around a heated, large-barrel roller for six seconds and release. Hair ought to be wrapped around exactly the same way just like you were creating spiral curls. Continue round the mind, taking 3-inch sections individually. Finger comb your hair. Switch upside lower, after which right side up.

4. Hold hair together with your hands back to one half-up ponytail using the relaxation hanging lower. Spray hair finishes with hairspray and spray underneath the top section with hairspray. This maximizes the amount and reactivates the lifting spray formerly applied.

5. Release hair and rake curls away from the face area and secure with two bobby hooks on both sides from the face just over the ears. Finish the appearance with increased hairspray.

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