Friday, May 15, 2009

Church Valentine'S Dinner Ideas

A church Valentine dinner can have singles or couples in attendance.

Church Valentine dinners can have a variety of themes. Whether you want your church Valentine dinner to be romantic or scriptural, you have many options. Some dinners are open to anyone, while others are designed for couples. Choose a more informal theme if you are opening your church Valentine dinner to anyone who wants to come, so singles don't feel awkward in a romantic setting. Themes of love don't have to be romantic, and you can alter your evening to include games and skits that don't exclude singles. Does this Spark an idea?

Starry, Starry Night

Use Vincent van Gogh's "Starry, Starry Night" painting as a guideline for your color scheme. Use light and dark blue fabrics that are two different textures, like chiffon and satin, and swirl them together down the center of your tables. Cut stars and moons out of pale yellow and cream foil paper and scatter them across the tables. Wrought iron accents and votive candles soften the room.

Songs of Love

Use a musical theme for your church Valentine dinner with "Songs of Love." Black and white music and musical notes can decorate the table. Add bud vases with red roses and play piano music in the background. Play games like "Name that Tune" and have a pianist play love songs softly in the background.

Letters of Love

For a more Scriptural theme, "Letters of Love" is an option. Use paper that has a watermark or looks like parchment. Purchase a wax seal kit and seal the letters with a deep red seal printed with hearts. Have someone write scripture verses inside of the letters with a calligraphy pen. Focus on the Bible being God's letter of love. This theme is good for a church Valentine dinner that is open to anyone who wants to come, single or couple.

Speaking in Love

Another Scriptural theme, "Speaking in Love" refers to the biblical quote "speaking the truth in love" found in Ephesians 4:15. This is another theme that works well for couples or singles in attendance, because this verse is not referencing romantic love, but brotherly love.

From Paris with Love

Use black and white postcards of Paris strewn in the middle of round tables. Sprinkle red rose petals, purchased from a craft store, around the black and white postcards. Add five or six white votive candles to each table. Eiffel tower votive holders fit the theme and you could use only three or four of them for the whole room, just space them out across the room. On tables that don't have the Eiffel tower votives, use bud vases to hold artificial red roses. French food and music help you feel like you are really in Paris.

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