Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Use A Bedroom Set

These are typical pieces in a bedroom set.

A bedroom set usually consists of a bed, a bureau and an armoire or tall chest of drawers. Sometimes it also includes a nightstand. If you buy a set you won't have the problem of trying to make your bedroom look cohesive. But you may have another problem: Your bedroom may look boring, because it's too matchy matchy. Arrange the furniture in a functional yet aesthetic way, and use accessories to enliven the look of your room. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Position the bed in a place where you can sleep peacefully. Put it in a spot where you can see the door and anyone who's entering the room bbut away from any outside light that interferes with your sleep. If your home is in a quiet neighborhood, and you enjoy night or morning sounds, put your bed next to a window.

2. Place nightstands on both sides of the bed. This will allow you to read at night or put your glasses within easy reach. If your set didn't come with nightstands, choose nightstand made of a different material to break up the look of the room. For example, use low black file cabinets in a room with all-white wood furniture. Or use small wrought-iron patio tables in a room with clean-line cherry and maple furniture. If you're short on space, consider using a plant stand.

3. Position the low bureau with attached mirror directly opposite a window or door. This will allow the mirror to reflect and add light to the room.

4. Move the high bureau or tallboy into a corner close to the closet. This will allow you to pull pieces from the closet and the bureau at the same time. Instead of putting the bureau directly against a wall, angle it against the two walls in the corner to make the furniture arrangement more interesting.

5. Use patterned and matching bed linens and comforters, with lots of pillows if you like them. The patterns mixed with solid colors will enliven the bedroom. Use different window treatments to additionally detract from the matchy-matchy look.

6. Use unexpected accessories to decorate the space. A treasured scarf, a textile from Central America or Asia, ceramics purchased at thrift stores or your children's framed paintings are possibilities.

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